Wireless headphone systems for group exercise

Our wireless headphones system gives your business the freedom and flexibility to host amazing fitness classes, anywhere, anytime.

Flexible Studios

  • Classes Anywhere

    Say goodbye to sweaty studios; Hushfit's wireless fitness system allows you to host classes anywhere, with or without power.

  • Classes Anytime

    Don’t worry about noise regulations, or disturbing other classes. Hushfit’s wireless headphones give you high quality sound with no pollution.

  • Any Class

    Perform multiple classes at once, each with their own instructors and music. Offer a begginer class at the same time as an advanced class.

How it Works

  • A Simple Setup

    Just plug in and play - plug in your music source and head mic to the transmitter, switch on all headphones and your class is underway.

  • Easy Listening

    Turn on your headset, choose a channel and control your own volume.

  • Pro Workouts

    No messing around with sound systems - a slick and effortless session for the instructor, your whole class will stay in tune, in time and love the in ear sound experience.

Buy Your Package

It couldn’t be easier to buy your fitness system and get started, Have a look at our starter packs on our sales website!

Package Includes

  • 10x Harry Headphones
  • 1x Parakeet Transmitter
  • 1x Headphone Mic
  • Free UK Shipping
  • 2 Years Warrenty
  • No Hassle Return